Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing Systems MTVSS (Per Session).


Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing Systems MTVSS (Per Session).


MTVSS, which stands for Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing Systems, is often referred to as the “Miracle Worker.” It empowers the body to heal and rejuvenate by removing detrimental programming. By harmonizing our organ systems, MTVSS ensures they operate at their peak potential.

How can this energy benefit your body?

  • Enhance individual organ functions.
  • Boost the body’s overall immune response.
  • Optimize metabolic functions and cellular metabolic rate.
  • Improve the respiratory system’s efficiency.
  • Fine-tune the body’s electrical system.
  • Bolster the central nervous system.
  • Augment digestive processes.
  • Enhance gut and intestinal health.
  • Support the skeletal framework.
  • Elevate lymphatic and hormonal functions.
  • Amplify reproductive system performance.
  • Intensify the body’s natural healing energies.
  • Decelerate the aging trajectory.
  • Rectify body malfunctions.
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